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Projects Under Development

UAV (Uninhabited Air Vehicle ) for Agricultural Use

The goal of this project is to develop an airplane and a portable infrastructure for automated spread of fluid, solid or gas substances on predefined areas, which must be achieved with minimal human intervention. This project is developed in cooperation with "Paireli Engineering Solutions" and constitutes my master diploma thesis.

Research on Improving Mecanum Wheel Performance, Design of an Omni-directional Vehicle

A research project at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Iasi (Grant CNCSIS ID-622,Nr. 84/01.10.2007, duration of 3 years) aimed to investigate the possibilities of improving performance of an omni-directional Mecanum wheel.
I am involved in development of control algorithms for mobile platform equipped with Mecanum wheels. The hardware of this project is build around an FPGA board.
(project's info page)

Past Projects

Several of my projects finalized in recent years

2008 Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using Hardware Implemented in FPGA Neural Networks (My bachelor graduation diploma project)

Under this project a one-layer Self-Organizing Feature Map (SOFM) was designed and implemented and used for image segmentation. In addition a possible design of a similar second layer SOFM and decision making Adaptive Critic algorithm was proposed. The above techniques are intended to be used for robots' navigation in hostile environments.
(Contents, full text in romanian)

2008 Advanced Driver

A remotely guided mechanical car-like platform was designed and build by our team from Robotic Club for Continental Open Doors Contest. Its electronic hardware incorporates advanced features such as traction and braking control, and steering assistance.
(photos from event)


For the first edition of Open Doors’ competition organized by Siemens VDO (now part of Continental Corp.) our team developed a remote-controlled omni-directional vehicle equipped with Mecanum wheels. This platform can accelerate in any direction without turning the wheels (see related videos). In addition, a sonar based obstacle avoidance system was designed specifically for this platform.
The details of this project were published in Bioinspiration and Robotics Walking and Climbing Robots. (photos and videos from this event)

2007 Acces Control System Using RF-ID

A commercial project with the aim to develop a custom access control infrastructure for monitoring employees attendance and restriction of visitors access. Done in cooperation with "Paireli Engineering Solutions"

2006 Automated Stabilization System for F1E Sailplane

A hardware controller designed to substitute currently used mechanical guidance and determalization systems for models of the class F1E. It uses magneto-resistive sensors and accelerometers for direction and tilt measurements respectively. Governing algorithms are programed into onboard PIC microcontroller.